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2015 China Top Ten Brands third charge pile
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Recently, the "2015 Annual China Top Ten Brands Award charging pile" campaign came to an end, and the letter Riverstone Beijing Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded "China Top Ten Brands charging pile" third.
China's top ten brands selected activities charging pile by the "brand ranked network" organized the event in order to stabilize large-scale enterprise development, brand development driven by the industry as the goal for all industries open to all brands. The selection is extremely strong, not only to attract the majority of the charge pile brand and dealers participate in domestic, but also by Sina, Netease, People, Xinhua, net more than 70 well-known Chinese and other network media attention, is the charge pile industry few large authoritative brand selection activities.
New energy vehicles is the concept of industry and one of the most fiery moment, the market size of the next five years directly charging pile (station) will be more than 120 billion yuan. September 23, 2015, the State Council to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, October 9 the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the electric vehicle charging infrastructure," clearly requires basically completed by 2020, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system to meet the more than 5 million electric vehicle charging needs.
As research and development, production, sales and service in one of the national high-tech enterprises, domestic technology leader in smart distribution of electricity, new energy, energy storage and charging for electric system total solution provider, and believe in the power industry relying Riverstone long technical reserves and accumulated rich experience in project and actively market the layout of the charging equipment, invest a lot of capital and R & D, start charging for electric vehicles, power equipment, research and development, trial production, has introduced AC and DC charging equipment and charging station monitoring system, so the whole family products, and charging equipment in the competitive market to carve out a place.
The company's charging equipment includes ACP220V / 32A, ACP380V / 63A, DCP500V / 75A, DCP500V / 120A, DCP500V / 240A, DCP700V / 75A, DCP700V / 1750A models, such as number, divided into one, split, wall-mounted, mobile type, and other specifications for different regions and environments, has been supported by more than 90% of domestic electric car, bus rapid charging BMS interface and achieve the number of FBI operations management system, to solve the current electric vehicles and charging equipment standards are not unified bring trouble to the user.
The brand selection, only to become the industry leader gathered charging pile event, it is one of many excellent domestic manufacturers charge pile to show the brand image of the stage. After intense online voting, qualification examination and evaluation of consumer goodwill, and the letter Riverstone topped the "2015 Annual China charging pile top ten brands," the third, users attention is ranked first.
Next, and letter Riverstone will continue step by step charging system rooted in the market, strengthen research and development and product investment, continue to meet customer demand, promote industrial progress, to become the industry pioneer, we are committed to building the field of electric vehicle charging equipment leader!